About Me

Since I have so many fans and customers from far
away places, and hundreds upon hundreds of lovely people
that I dont know personally, I thought I should share a
bit about the face behind Tumblestone Handmakery.

Tumblestone is run by one woman - me!
My name is Dana Lang and I LOVE to make all things crafty!
I have a strong passion for jewelry design and I LOVE to sew!

Me with a sewn - yes SEWN! pan of scalloped potatoes
that was requested as a custom order!
Tumblestone actually strarted when I made a little
owl pillow for my husband this past December when he
 was having a bad day.
I hid away in the spare room and for the first time ever
since failing sewing in grade 9 (16 years ago!)
I pulled out my mother's sewing machine. I had no idea
what I was doing - and I was a natural!
I posted my creation on Facebook and was quite surprised
to find 2 inboxes from different people asking if I
could make them one too, they said they would pay me!
The first girl was in love with it and wanted it very similar,
 the 2nd was a guy that asked if I could make it similar
but bigger - and with a stump leg, pirate patch
and a cigarette hanging out of it's mouth!
I did them both, posted them and it happened again!
So I made up some stock, made a few more custom orders
and it took right off!
Ive been busy at it ever since!

Me & Garth! Garth is the second thing I ever sewed.
A week after I decided to add him to my online shop, I
held a contest. The winner could choose anything from the entire
 shop. She chose Garth!

I love to read - non fiction please! Before I had a
crafting studio, I had a library.  I love going through
 textbooks and love to learn about everything and anything :)
Geology, Geography and Anthropology mainly and I
 read through texts like others read their Twilight!
If I could go to school for the rest of my life I
would, but its just too darned expensive, so I read.

I do have a full time job, so it definitely sometimes is a little tough,
sometimes I wish I could finish certain projects a
bit faster but quality comes first - always!

If you have any questions at all about myself
or Tumblestone, just ask!
I will be happy to answer, I love to talk to
people and make new friends :)

So there you have it! A bit about me, the lady
behind Tumblestone Handmakery!

After over a year of having my online shop and studio I have decided to
change things up a bit. As of an estimated April 2013 I
will be branching off and separating my sewing from my jewellery pieces.

I have been working steadily behind the scenes at building
a new website for my sewn creations.
It has it's own name and is quite different than the past - since I get
so many custom orders (currently my wait list is closed and sitting at about 3.5 months long - I'm
whittling it down!),
I just dont have the time to create in stock items. I will remain
focused on custom orders of a specific type - to be revealed later on in the New Year!

Tumblestone Handmakery will be changing slightly to Tumblestone Studio and
it will be dedicated to my jewellery design.