Tuesday, May 29, 2012

100% of proceeds of LIFE Collection necklaces donated this week!!

As a lot of you know, I have a collection of necklaces 
that usually 20% of all money collected from them
is donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.
The original article about them is here.

I decided to double that donation for this week
to up it to $7.00 (50% donation)!
But then I thought....
I'm gonna match that donation and make it
100% !
From Monday, May 28th to Sunday, June 3rd.

They have done so much for me, my family
and so many others that I think it's time to give back some.
So for this week, the entire $14.00 price
if the LIFE Collection necklaces goes
straight to the Cancer Society!!

Pretty much, you're donating to them and getting
a pretty and inspirational necklace for
your donation

I'm super excited, they have been doing quite well,
so I hope we can raise some money
for this awesome cause that helps so many.
So how much can we raise guys?!

They come in super cute packaging as well, 
ready to give or to open yourself for a lil' treat.

The earrings can be found as well, but they arent
a part of the life collection. This is the packaging I have 
made for them though! 

Check out this album to take your pick and I will send 
an invoice via Tumblestone's Paypal invoicing
or, you can pick them up off of
Tumblestone's Online Shop (There's a few more on 
Facebook that arent in the shop though!)

Thanks all!

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