Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Special Blue Moustache (Going the extra mile)

Yesterday I had an amazing day.
I realized (not that I hadnt previously, but it hit
me stronger than ever last night), that
doing this whole Tumblestone thing makes me
so much happier, I love doing it and
I love to go above and beyond just
making things to sell.

I have so many great new friends, fans
and customers, it blows my mind -
and Ive only just begun!

I realized how much more this is so,
when yesterday I had a few customers
pick things up at my workplace.

One brought me a coffee, one brought
me a bag of awesome vintage buttons
(if you know me at all, you know that I FLIP
over buttons - I even take them as payment!
Depending of course!)
And one brought me a massive multi layered
organizer to put my beads, findings and tools
in for my jewelry making:

Underneath the layer that you can see
is a whole nother layer! With deeper spaces.
I'm so happy! My customers are the best ever!

I think one of the main reasons that people
really appreciate what I do is because I ALWAYS
do something a lil' extra.
Whether it be my handmade personalized thank you cards
and handmade business cards,
super creative handmade packaging, discount
coupons hiding in your 2nd purchase,
a surprise gift or
 random special requests from customers,
there's always something!

It is SO important (and fun!)
to go that extra mile with your creations.
People really appreciate it and can see
when you love what you do and aim to please.
For me, this isnt about making money.
(Most of it goes right back in to Tumblestone)
It's about making people happy, seeing the smiles
on their faces and making new friends. 

About a week ago, I was at 7-11.
A guy came up to me and said,
"you make the moustaches, right?"
His girlfriend works at the 7-11 on the
night shift. He asked if he paid now,
would I be able to make one in a custom color
with something a little extra on it to make it
special and to bring in in to 7-11 to
surprise her during a shift on the following week.
Sometime between 11pm and 7am.

Of course I was happy to do that!
I couldnt wait to see her smile!

When I finished sewing it up and
finally got there at 3:30 am (!)
(I live super close to the Sev, so no biggie!)
I walked in and gave it to her and she
reached for it, hugged it, and with watery
eyes said, "I was having such a bad day."
She was happy after that! I hope her shift
went by better for her! Those really are the
things that make it worth it. Most people wouldnt
do that in the middle of the night. A lot of
people sell their stuff for money period.
But people can tell, either way!
It's the extra things that show and make the
purchase memorable. For the customer
and for myself.

Have you purchased something from someone and it was memorable
to you because they went the extra mile? What did they do for you?
Are you a small business owner and like to do something special for
your customers? What is it that you do to make them feel special?


  1. How awesome that your customers know you so well. =)
    Very cute!!!

  2. It would be so great if every business realized that the human connection is so important. You are super inspirational!

    1. Thank you :)
      It sure would be nice wouldnt it?!
      But then people like me wouldnt stand out as much!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, thats how I am with my business, do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Wonderful blog.

  4. I would never have thought of doing something like this. How creative you are. And yes, I always appreciate it when anyone goes the extra mile. I try to do that myself. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I always send a hand written thank you card to all of my customers. This week, for Mother's Day coming, I'll just include extra gifts as well in their packaging:)

    1. That's great Courtney!
      Not enough people do the little extras, they are so fun to receive for the customer!