Saturday, September 1, 2012

Phantom of the Opera jewelry challenge reveal

When the blog Crazy Creative Corner announced that
she was having a Phantom of the Opera themed blog hop,
where we had to create a jewelry piece inspired by the play/book/movie etc
I thought it would be the perfect excuse to read it!

I have never read the book nor watched the play/movie before.
I have always wanted to since everyone that I have had feedback from
said how great it was. To me, it was okay, probably not on my list of must read agains,
but I would like to watch the film to give it a better chance.
The fact that because I was working 90 hrs / week through August and had no choice
but to listen to it on Audiobook probably didnt help it much, so one day
when this hecticness I should say- when we hire some more staff - I will
watch the film :)

I made a pair of earrings for my jewelry piece.

In the Audiobook there were no songs like in the movie or play,
basically it was the bland man's voice trying to sing and when he
did it was only a sentence or two. 

So these earrings dont represent a particular song, they represent a part 
of my interpretation of the story and some of the vision
that I had while listening to it.

The red faceted glass beads are for the love between Christine
and Raul, and the dark hand blackened brass for the struggles they went through
and the shape reminds me of  fancy architecture way back then, It reminds
me of the Opera house ceiling around where the chandelier was and
also something that someone in the early 1900's would wear.
I dont really know that - that's just what  I envisioned!

I was pretty bummed that all the audiobook had for music was short, out of tune 
bits and pieces of the man narrator singing ,  I had never listened to an
audiobook before and I thought it would be perfect - I could sew and
work at the same time!! Now I know for next time!

This pair of earrings is listed in my shop now, also with the
coupon SAVEMESOME15 I will take 15% off!
Today is the last day of my free gift ($15 value) with every order
made through the shop.

Thank you for looking! Sorry I am late for the reveal, my
autoimmune disorder has attacked and I was in the hospital :(
I couldnt move my right arm!! But I can now, with pain but much better!
Phew, that was mega scary.....

Please have a hop through the other talented artisans 
participating through this hop! Some beautiful jewelry to see!

The Crazier Sister


  1. Beautiful job Dana! I really felt the connection to the film thru the earrings.

  2. Oh, very good. It captures both the darkness AND the love. Even tho' it was twisted, the Phantom also loved Christine in his own way. If watching the movie or the London casts 25th anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webbers production isn't possible, I suggest the CD of the music. It will carry you away. Truly, these earrings are perfect. Love them.

  3. Wow, I can't beleive that you made these earrings that so represent the Phantom of the Opera, I think they are perfect, and you have not even seen or heard the actual music. I love these earrings. I have not read the book and usually I prefer books over the movies, but the music is so amazing I am not sure I could enjoy the book without it. I am glad that you are feeling a bit better.

  4. I love Phantom and these earrings are stunning. great job.

  5. Dana, the earrings are beautiful. The lacey shape in what appears as matte black does remind me of the theatre, and the deep red lends to the elegance and opulence of an opera. Very nice job.

  6. Dana,
    Wow! For not having seen the play or movie, or heard the wonderful music, you did a great job!!! I really like the earrings and think they fit in with it quite well!!! I love the contrast, the love encased by the darkness... so so fitting!!!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon, I know autoimmune diseases can be terrible! Leaving you feeling good one day and horrible the next... Take care of yourself, and again, I hope you get to feeling much better soon!

  7. Very nice earrings! You definitely need to see the movie or the play, I can't imagine the book!!! LOL! Hope you are well!