Sunday, October 7, 2012

Only 2 more days of SALE left!!

Only 2 more days until the SALE in
is over!

I've added TONS of beautiful one of a kind jewelry pieces to the
shop in the past week, with the stock all nice and plump
now is a good time to come have a looksy!
It wont be like that for long :)

October 9th is the last day, until then at midnight
use the coupon code:
For 15% off storewide and on top of that, I
have been throwing in an awesome surprise!!!
A lovely jewelry piece made by me!
Knock someone off of your Christmas gift list just for buying
yourself something pretty. Hit two birds with one stone!

Havent been to the shop for awhile?
Here's a peek at some of the new pieces from the past week:

There are so many more new ones!
But you'll have to go see, I dont want to bombard you with photos!

I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!!
Have some turkey for me, I will have to miss all three of my family
dinners this time around.... I really hope my boss appreciates me....!

So go have a look at the new pieces in the shop!

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