Monday, October 8, 2012

Travelling Button Box!! Do you want in??

Do you love buttons too?
Do you have a button collection??

I am starting a Travelling Button Box via 
The one that I will be starting and sending off is Canadian only  
but dont fret!! There are other travelling boxes for other countries as well 
within the same group :)

I am close to Vancouver, BC and the next stop for
the box is all the way across Canada to Richmond Hill, Ontario!

The Canadian list of names is only 3 long, so we are
looking for more Canadian button enthusiasts to pass the box
along to! We would LOVE to keep the box going!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

So if you love buttons and have a bunch sitting around at home,
come join the fun! Details can be found HERE

Please be sure to join the group first!

If you dont wish to participate, but love buttons and
have any questions about yours you are curious about or 
would like to learn some new button trivia or crafts using buttons,
feel free to join as well! Dont feel obligated to pass along the box just because 
you are in the group, everyone is welcome!

I will be passing on the Button Box on Thursday to
the next  lady on the list :)