Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Look what I won!!

I love to enter little giveaways now and then
when I see something that I would really like to win. 

Last week I saw one moving down the ticker on my Facebook feed,
a friend of mine had entered so I went to go have a look at what it was. 
It was lovely! 

Tracee Dock of  The Classic Bead was giving away this 
beautiful set of hand crafted beads:

And I won them!!!

I had never heard of The Classic Bead before, so I went over
to her Etsy shop and immediately fell in love with so many pieces.
I love to create jewelry from artisan made components 
and I have been looking for something different in addition
to the hand blackened brass jewelry I make - So I put in a big order
to be shipped with my winnings!

Go have a look at her beautiful things!

Thank you Tracee!!

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