Thursday, November 29, 2012

WIX - My experience so far

Some of you may have seen in your Facebook News Feed, 
an ad for an easy way to build your own website using templates
over at WIX.

I was looking for an affordable way to have my own nice and
professional looking website for my business so I decided to check it out. 
So far I am super pleased with it! 

I dont know much about building websites, let alone anything to do with
"behind the scenes" type of stuff to do with computers
and the internet, so when I saw how easy it really was and that it
is fairly inexpensive - even to upgrade to Premium - I decided to try it out.

As some of you may know, I will be splitting Tumblestone up
in to two separate entities in the coming new year - This blog, The Tumblestone Facebook Page and 
of course the super pretty Etsy Shop will remain "Tumblestone" but the name will
slightly change to "Tumblestone Studio" and will only be my beautiful jewelry.

I will be growing my custom sewn business as it has been so 
successful and it will have it's own name - Which is a secret for now!
Once it launches, it will have it's own Facebook page, blog, Pinterest, Twitter and Website - and
that's where the WIX site comes in! 

I am so happy with how easy the WIX site has been, I'm finding it quite similar to
using Blogger templates - but a little more fun!
I bought my own domain name from GoDaddy and hooked it up to my new site
which was super easy and have been steadily working on it - making it
exactly what I had envisioned - This dream is becoming a reality and I am SO excited 
and having so much fun watching it unfold and grow!

I wont be launching it until my custom sewn wait list has been whittled down
quite a bit more - It's currently sitting at about 3 1/2 months long - So it will be
awhile yet! But in between sewing away, creating jewelry and building my new site, I
have been trying to tie up loose ends, such as purchasing my new sew in labels with my brand
name and website on them - I researched this quite a bit and decided to go
with RememberWynn on Etsy - they have some neat, different and fun 
labels, I cant wait until they come so I can actually brand my creations properly :)

Does anyone have any advice they can give me for starting up
a new website or branding? 
Do you have any good sites that you can point me to with resources 
or anything I may need for my business?

So far I still need a logo and business cards - I'm sure a lot more... 

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  1. Dana, let's talk :) send me an email, I have some tips for you.