Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday promo code to use year round!! Get it here :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

What a year it has been. 

As a Thank You
to all of my lovely friends, fans, followers
and customers, I am offering a coupon code that
will be valid through all of 2013!!

Simply use the code
"SAVEMESOME15"  at checkout in the
Tumblestone Etsy Shop to receive 15% off
of your entire order - for any orders made throughout
the year of 2013!
Write down the code or bookmark this
page in to your coupons folder so you know where
to find it as it is needed.* No limits!!

*Valid only through the Tumblestone Etsy Shop

So enjoy, and keep an eye on the shop, lots of
new beauties being created this week and 
all year long!!

Thank you for your continued support,

Dana Lang,
Tumblestone Studios

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