Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello all! Welcome to Tumblestone. Handmakery!

I'm super excited to start blogging!
I've really been meaning to do this for some time... but between working full time and running a handmakery Ive been finding little time for it. Ive decided to set some time for it and stick to it, I dont want my stuff to only be on Facebook! I want the world to see my creations!

As you may or may not know, I create quite a few different items ranging from gorgeous one of a kind hand blackened brass jewelry, pretty mosaic frames and mirrors to silly and super cute decorative throw pillows. I do custom orders as well, I'm willing to make anything that my customers request. The other day I got an order from a customer to make a carry bag for his didgeridoo! One of the orders I'm going to be working on shortly! It really is great to have a hobby and to be making a little bit of money on the side. I just love to do it, so if there is anything that you want made that you dont see in my albums, just ask! In all my time doing this I have never once messed up a job or was unable to do it :)

I also wanted to share how Tumblestone was born :)
My husband Alan was having a bad day full of bad news. My mom had been storing her sewing machine at my place, so I decided to hide away in the spare room and sew him a silly pillow to cheer him up. It was a small pillow, about 13"x13" with a stumped leg owl appliqued on to the front of it. He had one big eye and a rotten little one and it was just so adorable! I posted it online (Facebook) and from then on I got order after order for more pillows! I decided that it would be fun to set up a little Facebook page to show my creations and sew a bunch to have in stock. To my surprise, they all sold well and once I added my jewelry I had been making it grew even more! I opened up a Paypal business account and officially started shop in December just last year (2 months ago!) and look at it now! *682* wonderful fans! Some of my things have gone as far as the UK and Pennsylvania!

Since I'm so new at this and dont really have my blog completely set up quite yet with pictures or anything, here is the link to my Tumblestone facebook page! Go have a look, at the moment there is a sale on for 15% off any in stock items!   Enjoy!

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