Sunday, March 4, 2012

Build your own Owl is here!!

Yay! I have finally got the Build your own custom Owl pillow album up on the Tumblestone Facebook page!!
It's great since the owls are just so adorable but a lot of the time the pillow doesnt match your decor or maybe you just want to browse through the fabrics and choose something more "you".
There are loads of different styles of fabrics to go through and two different owl styles of which I posted the two photos. The three owls in the photos were previously sold. Here is the album.

Arent they cute?! If you arent much in to owls, I am always open to doing custom orders... so far no request has been denied! I have many many different types, just have a look through the Tumblestone Pillows - Ready to Ship albums and the Items that have found new homes album for inspiration.

If you could choose any shape or themed decorative pillow, what would it be??

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