Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tumblestone's StorEnvy shop NOW OPEN!!

  I am super stoked to announce the grand opening of Tumblestone's new StorEnvy shop, which has now been added to the StorEnvy Marketplace!!

  As you can see up there in the tabs (pages) there is a new one that says "Shop Tumblestone!"
That link will magically transport you directly to the new shop over in the StorEnvy Marketplace.

  In celebration of the Grand Opening of Tumblestone's new online store AND the fact that I woke up the other day to a whopping 800 fans on Facebook, I have put ~ALL~ items in the shop on sale for 25% off!! The 25% off will automatically be taken off of the price in the checkout using the code DANDYGRANDY Woooooot! Details are in the post below.

  I'm not the best with code, so for the time being I am using the standard store template, but once I teach myself and have a lil extra time ~ Im confident that the store is gonna look AMAZING!

 ~ So please, go have a look and tell me what you think! What's your favorite item? I would love your feedback!~

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