Friday, April 6, 2012

Dog memorial pillow

A couples of months ago, a lovely lady I know asked if I could make her a
custom pillowof her dog that had recently passed away.
She had a cute little Boston Terrier named Rocky.
I had met him a few
times and he was so happy and active! Oh how I miss having a dog!
She gave me a picture of him to use for inspiration:

Oh that picture made me howl when I saw it for the first time! Hehe!

I've only had large dogs myself, Laddie the massive and
oh~so~gentle Doberman X German Shepard and
Shadow the wonderful German Shepard X Rhodesian Ridgeback.
They really do become a part of the family and its so sad to see them go.
Alan (my husband)and I have been thinking about getting a dog, he's never had one growing up
and I dont think its something that one should go without having in their lifetime!

Anywho, back to the pillows... this is the first Rocky pillow I had made for her:

Hahaha! Oh I love it!
I just love how it turned out! It does actually say "ROCKY" above his head
but I chose this photo so you can see the details.

She then recently asked me to do the same pillow again but with a
red background:

In this one you can see his name above :)
Oh I love it, she came and picked it up about an hour ago
and of course just loved it!

I love making special things for people, I love to see the smiles on their faces.
It's so special to me.