Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feeling Summery today! Pretty necklace.

Yesterday Alan and I went to the Rock & Gem
show over in Abbotsford, I was super excited and knew that there was no real way for me to stick
to a solid budget going there.... So I only brought a certain amount of money and zero plastic!
that way I HAD to be good!

I came out with a few pretty strands of beads to use for my jewelry creations.
I chose Summery colors and now have visions dancing around in my head,
trying to remember all of the things that I just ordered from my jewelry finding supplier!
Here is what I came out with....

Look at these peacock like stones here on the left!
I found them so gorgeous, I'm not sure what Im going to
do with them yet but the sheen on them is amazingly beautiful!
Maybe I'll wire wrap them ever so slightly and add them to a 
necklace? Hmmm... We'll have to see!

I am running extremely low on jewelry findings and the other day I did a massive order from my favorite ladies over at Fallen Angel Brass - I just love every single thing on their site! 
If you have ever taken a look at my jewelry either on Tumblestone's Facebook
or Tumblestone's online gift shoppe , Fallen Angel Brass is ALWAYS what I use - 
isnt it just gorgeous!

Anyways, I had a little bit of chain left so I made the first two items 
in Tumblestone's Summer 2012 jewelry collection:

I just hope I can stand the wait  for my order to get here!
(Next time I'm getting express shipping for sure!)

I hope you find them beautiful,
I made them in celebration of Spring - around here it just
changed from Winter!