Thursday, April 12, 2012

Upcycled jewelry display idea!

After scouring the interwebs for ideas for something I could use as 
an economical jewelry display and seeing tons of amazing ideas
and wandering through the thrift shops as I so often do.... 

I came across these two old wall mount spoon racks!!
The small one was $1.00 and the larger one $2.00

I didnt think to to take a picture after I bought them but before this
photo was taken, as you can see, I broke off the two
layers of "spoon holders". 
The reason that I did that was so that I can use the larger one
for necklaces and the smaller one for earrings.

I went down to the hardware store and chose a Marigold color spray paint 
as I think it would perfectly contrast with the 
hand blackened brass that I use for my jewelry and 
also if I choose to use this as a display at a market or craft fair
it will be nice, big and bright from afar!

The smaller one I chose a beautiful Robin's Egg blue spray paint, it really is pretty!

Sorry about the horrid lighting....! It's quite stormy here.
I added the pretty paper that I decoupaged on since it was quite
obvious that I had ripped off those two layers of "spoon rack".
I may decorate it further but I wont decide that until I see it full.

Such springtime colors! And my tablecloth for when I vend is a nice springy 
green! Yay for colorful pretty things!
I am quite low on stock at the moment jewelry wise, so they arent full at the moment...
But they will be soon!! (Thanks to my oh-so-wonderful customers!)
I just put a LARGE order in for 
beads and findings - I love shopping for bits and bobs!

Do you have any hand made, upcycled or creative jewelry displays?
What do you use to display your pieces? I would love to see!