Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last chance to Picnik & Contest here!

 Heads up!!

Since I'm pretty new at the whole blogging world I thought I should make myself
a button. I had no idea how, or where to begin so where do I go 
when Im in that position?
GOOGLE search!!

I already have GIMP and dont really want to pay for Photoshop quite yet
so I headed over to Picnik.
While I was reading over the mass of words on their main
screen I discovered that they have been bought out by GOOGLE and
until April 19th all features are FREE!

Yep! Even the premium member benefits are free as well....and there are a lot of them!
Also, if you have paid for a premium membership and have one at this time,
your account should have been refunded on Feb 20th as a "Thank You".

This is probably common knowledge already, lol.... but hey! I didnt know! 
If you have ANY files over at Picnik that you have made there in the past and would like to retrieve them, you better get on it as on April 19th absolutely everything left there will be deleted.

I had so much fun playing around in there, I made some awesome buttons,
so awesome as a matter of fact that I cant even choose which on to use!

Over on Tumblestone's Facebook page I have a contest going on for the next 48 hours!
I am asking everyone to please like their favorite button that I made and there will be two lucky winners! 

1st Prize ~$30 Tumblestone credit
2nd prize ~ $10 Tumblestone credit

So go HERE to enter the contest (the rules are there as well)
Be sure to be a fan so it will count if you arent one already!

If you dont want to enter the contest, you can quickly tell me here which one you like best, it wont count as an entry though, just through Facebook.

THEN..... Go have some fun photo editing! 
There are so many fun features open to all and it's super easy peasy even for a technologically slow person such as myself!!! I was on there for hours.....

Have fun!!


  1. Following from the Tuesday Blog Hop..even though it's Thursday!

    These are very cute buttons! Like the look of your blog!

  2. Thank you :)
    I wish I knew how to do all of the fancy coding, I'm learning slowly!
    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. Oh yes, I am plowing through all this new knowledge of blogging also. I will definitely check this out. I do not have a button yet and have been studying up on the how-to's. I am hopping over from It's So Very Cheri Blog Hop and am now following you on Linky Followers. I would love a follow back.