Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby bump buttons - photo props

A few days ago I was texting my prego sister asking if she was planning on taking baby bump photos throughout her pregnancy. I have done a few photo shoots for expecting friends and thought it would be a fun thing for her since she is only 13 weeks (we cant tell if she's showing or not yet, hehe! Is it a bump? Is it chub?) I asked if she wanted to take some shots every couple of weeks. 

I started thinking of fun and creative things we could do for the photos and Voila!
Baby  Bump Buttons were born!

They are not difficult to make, if you have a Silhuette machine you could probably make incredibly amazing ones! Alas, I dont have one so I stick to hand cutting with good ol' scissors!
For mine, I decided to make them every 5 weeks starting at week # 15.

This will be great for her too since she is planning on making her baby book a scrapbook style one,
they will look great in there afterwards to look back on right by the actual photo!
These would make a great gift for an expecting friend as well
(I know someone else who will be receiving these from me!)

If you dont want to make your own, I have different packs available in my shop
and I make anything custom as well!

As always, thank you for reading and I would love any feedback!!