Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awesome mail day!

I really love a good mail day!
Especially when it means new supplies for
jewelry making.

In this order of beautiful hand blackened brass findings
were two beautiful hand forged,
hand painted Czech glass buttons.
I thought that they would look lovely next to the
chocolaty brass patina.

I'm going to keep one a secret until the necklace is
revealed but I feel I have to share one!!!
It's just so pretty....

I also got a few gorgeous
filigrees to wrap them with as well!

There are a lot of pretty new jewelry pieces
being created within the walls of Tumblestone Handmakery
at the moment, so dont forget to keep your eye on the shop!

I'm stocking up with jewelry, after the vend at City Blends 
coffee shop when I almost sold right out of a full stock I
havent had the chance to stock up too much
so I'm excited to have the little bit of extra time.

So.... I wonder what that pretty lil'
dragonfly will turn in to!
We'll have to wait and see!

Have an awesome day everyone!!
I'm pulling a 12 hr shift at my day job today...
At least I am able to be online in between customers ;)

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