Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm up for this challenge!

So I've decided to challenge myself
with a jewelry creation challenge over at
Craft Crazy Designs blog, I'm so super excited
about it!!

The challenge is to be inspired by
The Phantom of the Opera....
The main focus of the piece
cannot include the rose or the mask - That would be
far too easy! They can be in/on the piece,
just not the main focal as it's meant to
challenge us and make us really think!

Once I finish my piece, when I post it,
I need to give the title of the song or part in the
play that I was inspired by and why
I chose it.

I dont know anything about the Phantom
of the Opera nor have I ever seen the movie, read
or watched the play!
So guess what I'm going to be doing tonight??

Time to study up!
I got Alan to download both the play and
the movie for me, so I will be watching those
an becoming inspired!
I wonder if I will be able to get him to watch
them with me....

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