Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breaking my mold - and loving it!

With Bead Soup coming up soon
and the fact that I've mostly stayed within
a similar style for the past 6 months or so
Ive decided to break free of my norm
and play with some other styles.

Ive always had a vision for what I wanted to
do and create and until now (because of health issues
mixed in with personal finance issues) I havent been
able to play and create as I really wanted to.
I'm always attracted to the "different" & unique.

After being so incredibly inspired
by such groups as Bead Soup Cafe
and Polymer Clay Collective on top of not
having to worry about putting every penny
towards food and rent and still coming out behind,
 I feel like I'm exploding with creativity - because I can.
I'm so excited to say that Ive gone and
bought myself some polymer clay to play with
and am going to finally be getting my metal smithing
tools and materials and so happy to be on the road
that I've been wanting to be on for so long.

I've broken from my mold and while I'm waiting
for some of my goodies to come in the mail,
 I thought I would create something using things
that I had on handbut nothing that I usually
would use.

I LOVE fresh water pearls and anything mother
of pearl at all. Especially buttons!
(Anyone that knows me knows I have quite the
button collection! Check out this amazing Mother
of Pearl button photo frame I made, there are a couple more
in that album as well.

I had all of my beauties in front of me and remembering
how I had instantly fell in love with a
Staci Louise Originals necklace, I was instantly

This is the beauty that I created.

I hope you love it too!

I wont be putting this up in the shop, if I can part
with it, it will be for purchase at the Mission Fest
booth that I will be having on August 11th.


  1. I really like it! Will Mission Fest be down on 1st Ave?

    1. Thank you, I'm glad that you like it!
      Yes, it's on 1st ave on Aug 11th, the same weekend as the Rockin River Fest.
      It is a pretty big event for Mission, I've never even been to it... I've always worked that day!
      But I took off a week before and during it this time :) I'm super happy about it!