Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A day of great purchases!

Today was a good shopping day!
Oh I love those... they dont come around often 
but when they do......!

First thing first - 
I finished up buying all of the ingredients for
Bead Soup!

My lovely partner Deb of 
great lil soup, I'm dying to post it!! EEEEEEeee!
I did a lil photo shoot of it today but I guess I'm
going to have to follow the rules and
post it after she gets her package - I wont
ruin the surprise!
I cant wait to see what I get, I'm a Bead Soup virgin
so Im so rediculously excited :)

This is as close of a picture I can post.....

And we'll keep it at that for now!
Luckily my husband didnt come in to the bead store with me...
there was a book shop a couple of doors down
so he hung out there until I was finished.
When I met up with him all he had in his hand was a
Polymer Clay Jewelry inspiration & techniques book!
Nothing for himself. What a sweetheart he is!

Then.... Since my sewing machine broke the other week
and Ive been in a super panic since I have the Mission Fest
booth on August 11th and I havent been able to sew
or stock up on sewn items - I got a new sewing machine!
I am so motivated now that I have it
and I cant wait to sew up some pure radness!

And for getting all of that, Alan got a new 
computer..... which means..... I get this one!
Now I can blog more often, I dont have to beg for 
a short turn! (He works online)

I know - A LOT of stuff.... but it is so rare, so why not?!
I have been working so hard and our luck has been
down right rotten the past 2 years
(Im convinced I was an exocutioner in a past life....)
A great shopping day has been long overdue.

Anyways, just thought I would share my
excitement! I hope you all have an awesome day!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I should be ready to post yours on Saturday! Getting a bit nervous about whether you will like it! :-)
    Deb x

    1. Oh Deb no worries!
      I'm one of the most easy going, open minded people ever, whatever you send me I will be happy with I'm sure!
      I got called in to work this morning, so I didnt end up sending it out! She switched me for tomorrow so tomorrow is now my day off, I just had more time to get creative with my packaging.... ;)

  2. Welcome, BSBP virgin! *g*
    This is my second run....have fun with your soup! I'll stop back for sure and have a look at that secret soup you sent...and what you received in return. An-ti-ci-paaaa-tion!! Ain't it grand??