Monday, August 13, 2012

Shop has been updated :) & Gift card winner!!

Hey all!

This is just a little note that my online shop
has recently been updated with some new jewelry
pieces.  I know it has been a bit with moving twice
in a month - yeah - not nice!
I just vended my booth at MissionFest this past
Saturday so now that I feel a bit cought up
I have finally been able to post!

Here's a sneak peek of a few of the pieces that
I have just posted:

Of course there are many more!
I'm in love with every one.

I would also like to announce the winner of the $50 gift  
certificate towards Tumblestone Handmakery!
This was the draw box at my booth at the event over the weekend.

So without further ado.....


Marcy didnt leave her last name on her entry,
but I called her to let her know that she won :)
Marcy, if you read this (since I pointed you here)
You can have a look at my shop HERE
also, since I dont sell my sewn items in the shop,
only locally for the time being, you can see all of my 
jewelry and sewn items on my Facebook page for 
Tumblestone HERE. 
Once I get the studio back in to order (about 2 days)
you may choose to come here and have a look for yourself
if you prefer, I do know that photos never do jewelry justice!

So congrats Marcy on winning, I'll talk to you soon!

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