Saturday, August 18, 2012

Minky Munkins - Now available to ship!

Minky Munkins!

I have an announcement that I know quite a few
of you are going to be excited about!....

Previously these cute 'lil Munkins were only
available to purchase locally - but I have listened to
your requests and have decided to add them to the shop!

They are just so darned cute!

They can be 'lil boy Munkins.....

Or 'lil girl Munkins....

You can even choose the color of her bow :)

I have never worked with Minky previously but I think
I am hooked! Within the next month or two I will be
expanding the Minky line - the Mommy's of the world
can shop for their jewelry here and while they are, they can
pick something up for the kiddos too :D


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