Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to school earrings :)

I made some pretty earrings for a special lil girl for
her back to school gift!

Sometimes I like trading and bartering rather than taking money,
especially from someone as talented as Sabrina Blok

Here are the pretty earrings that I made for Bella :)

Arent they lovely?!
She is the cutest little girl and she's so girly! She's going
to love them :) Also, since she is a child I put niobium ear wires on so
she shouldnt be irritated at all. I love the hand blackened brass and Czech glass together.

She also chose this pretty necklace to give to Bella's last teacher/sitter/friend
at the end of last year for the barter. 

OOPS! I noticed my spelling error I did there in the watermark....!

2 beautiful pieces!!
Want to see what I got in return??


The colors in this lil bebe quilt are just so vivid and bright!

I am super excited to become an auntie soon :)
Only 4 weeks left! 
I chose this quilt because I LOVED the colors - and that Minkie 
fabric - so soft!
That was before we knew that baby Farrah is a girl!!
She did offer to switch it for a more feminine one, but I just love this quilt
so much! I really am not in to the standard stereotypes anyways.

Megan (my sister) hasnt received this gift from me yet, but I dont think
she reads my blog anyways!  

I got the quilt months ago and she got the necklace way back when,
but Bella just got her Back to School earrings today, so I thought I would share.


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