Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beautiful Bead Shipment has arrived!!

I have been so excited waiting for a shipment of beautiful beads
to arrive - and today they were here!
Since yesterday I got my shipment of gorgeous hand blackened brass from the
lovely ladies of Fallen Angel Brass and today I got the beads,
I can really get to work making pretties for the Grand Opening Sale
to celebrate the opening of Tumblestone's new Etsy shop :)
(Ant the Farmer's Market of Course!)

A peek at what I got yesterday....

I had next to no chain left and out of headpins and jump rings! 
I wont settle for unmatching unless it's meant to be miss matched, 
so when this came yesterday I was SO excited! 
These are my necessities right here!
I love the Fallen Angel patina, it really is unmatched with anything I've 
ever come across. 

And then today.... 
I truly am so impressed with these beads. 
They came from Arte Bella Surplus <~ Her Etsy!

They take my breath away! My photos arent the greatest
but you get the idea!
(Pretty pic heavy!)

The silverclear beads look as if water droplets have been frozen in time!
  And those Carribean blue beads - to die for!

Look at those BIG cherry bon bon faceted beads in the upper right! 

 The beads on the left were a Thank You gift for the order  :)

 LOVE the beads on the top left there! (All of them really...) Those drops are the exact shade of Suicide Creek, a local glacial runoff swimming area.

Oh I am so happy with my order!!

Now I must get to work designing and creating pretties!
I've been on a sewing kick the past week since I was out of my 
Fallen Angel Brass - Here's a little peek at a few of my newer creations...


I'm off to create!

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