Saturday, September 22, 2012

Have you heard of Artsy Dealy? New site!

I got an email almost a week ago to be a beta tester to
try out this great new website Artsy Dealy.

It sounds like a great concept, Artsy Dealy
is there as a place for shoppers to go to look for coupon codes. 
I know a heck of a lot of couponers and a ton of Etsy lovers
so to put the two together sounds great! 

If you have a shop you can go there to promote your coupon
codes and your shop, they make up a nice little page for you with a 
few of your listings and how much or what the code is for. 
If someone wants the coupon code, they must share it 
via facebook thus promoting you to all of their friends
at the same time.

I almost missed the train... since my brand new Tumblestone Etsy shop
wasnt yet opened at the time I got the email and just remembered
today - I only have one day left to use it!
After the one week free trial the fee is $7 per week.
I'm not so sure about that yet, I really wish I had remembered
about the invite sooner, one day doesnt give me a great chance
to really check it out. I  may pay for a week later on, once more people know about it,
it is a great concept after all!!

So go check out the site and find yourself some coupons!!
Start HERE and check out my awesome coupon that I set
up for my trial, it's a wicked awesome deal!!

15% off storewide PLUS a FREE jewelry gift
with a value of $15 added to every order!

You'll have to go check it out to see the code!


What do you think of this new site? Of the fee price? 
The look of it?

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