Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Looking for customer photos!!

Hey All!!

I am looking to put together an album over on the 
that is all customer appreciation photos, comments and feedback.

I've already got a few but would love to have some more!
The more creative the better!!

So if you have a photo of your child with a custom 
sewn stuffie I have created or you with a lovely 
Tumblestone pair of earrings or even a fun photo of just the
item if you like - anything goes - send it on in to me!
Also looking for comments and feedback as well, even without 
a photo :)

You can either write comments here, over on the Facebook page HERE,
or you can email me your comments and/or photos to 

If I get enough, I would like to put on a contest! 
So get your comments and photos of your Tumblestone
goodies in! I would love to see them.

Dont have your Tumblestone goody yet? 
Have a look in my online shop HERE!
I have lots of beautiful hand crafted jewellery to choose from,
sewing wise though, I am closed for custom orders. Once I
catch up (I'm whittling down a 3.5 month wait list!) I will be launching 
the new website and will be taking custom orders again!!
It will be a bit of a wait for that but I'm working on it!

So send in those photos and comments!!

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