Saturday, March 24, 2012

I LOVE my customers! They ask for such silly things....!

Hey all!

So I've gotten yet another custom sewn request that was a bit on the odd side :)

Around Festivus time last year (for all you people that dont know what Festivus is feel free to Google it....
it's right around Christmas time), I got a rather silly request from a customer to make sewn up scalloped potatoes to bring as a gift to the Festivus feast. There is a short story about that here.
Here are a couple of photos of how they turned out:

If these were real scalloped potatoes, cooked not sewn, they would be all dried out &
burnt! Luckily Im married to a man that loves to cook and is actually great at it and I can sew!!!
So, seeing as how I absolutely love a good challenge and love odd requests even more, I was excited when I got a custom request from a different person from that same group of friends.
This time it was for a person within the group that cant stand cheese! 

Cheese?! I LOVE cheese!! 
If I could I would put it on everything and buy fancy cheeses all the time :)

She said the stinkier the better, possibly a pillow? 
After much brainstorming, I decided to make a cheese platter with a few different types of 
cheeses on it. It is all hand sewn, except for the holy cheese and crackers!
So without further ado......

The Cheese!!

So I've included a circle of brie cheese with 2 triangle pieces cut out of it, 
a hunk of stinky blue cheese, 4 slices of holy swiss (I know its not usually yellowy orange, but we needed some color!) and 5 crackers complete with sesame seeds on top for added detail!
I didnt realize until after it was picked up that I didnt take a picture of the back of the plate... It is a white fleece and in the middle I hand sewed my TH logo just like a makers mark stamp :)

Showing all pieces are separate

That was so fun to make! I cant wait to see what custom requests I get to do next!

For now, I'm finishing a few other ones for people, pillows of a lovely ladies' dog and a couple requested character stuffies and trying to get myself all stocked up so I can do the handmade market next week!
I better get back to it... A lot of work to catch up on!!

Thanks for reading! I always appreciate comments!