Monday, March 19, 2012

My First Blog Hop! Come join us!!

So I've been blogging for about three weeks now and it's unreal how many different things you can do throughout peoples' blogs and all the different ways that you can promote your page. 
I seem to have very little time in between working full time and having quite the large list of custom orders to finish to promote my blog. It takes a lot of work to run a good blog that people actually notice! 

While I was looking through a great blog that I follow, Its So Very Cheri,
I ran in to a Blog Hop... to all you people that are seasoned bloggers, Im sure that you all know what a Blog Hop (or Linky Party) is but this is news to me and I'm super excited about it!! 
It's such a great way to discover new blogs & businesses, friends and gain new followers as well. 
Even if you dont have a blog, there are so many great things to look through and so many crafting ideas and DIY tutorials as well.

For anyone that doesnt know what a Blog Hop is, basically look down below and follow the very simple instructions at the very bottom of the photos below where it asks,
"What is a Blog Hop?"
"Get the code here..."
And that's it! It's so super easy, already I have quite a few more views just from adding my blog to the hop, now Im just hoping that my follower number rises. It's been really fun for me doing this whole blog adventure so far, I cant wait to see what fun new thing I find next!!! 

I seriously want to just hop along all night promoting around, but alas! I have a super goofy custom order to get done by tomorrow.... I wish I could post what it is but it's a surprise for the recipient so you're all just gonna have to wait until tomorrow! It actually belongs in my last blog post....The Stranger Side of Tumblestone Handmakery...!
I'll blog hop for 15 more mins and get back to it!!


  1. I'm so happy you found some good tips in the post. Great to have found you and now hopping along with your blog hop ;-)

    Your newest follower...would love for you to follow back if you get a chance.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks so much for linking up and follow:> I am now following you up. Very excited about your blog hop:>