Saturday, March 17, 2012

The stranger side of Tumblestone Handmakery...!

I thought it would be a funny to show the stranger side of Tumblestone handmakery!

  For the most part, I have made a lot of super cute throw pillows for customers, including the super duper lovely vintage-like owls of different shapes and sizes, video game characters, requested stuffed animals from a childs' favorite show etc.... but sometimes I get a bit of an odd request.

(Photo of the blood pillow has been removed so I can post this on family friendly blog hops!)

 There are a few strange items I had already made without the suggestion of customers of course, like the pool of blood pillows... so that when you lie on your comfy pillow, it looks like there had been a bad accident!! The material is so perfect for the blood too, it's got a wonderful "wet" looking satin finish to it... perfect!

 The uterus heating pad which is actually amazingly shaped for cramp relief!
After you heat it in the microwave, when it is applied to the crampy area, the nice, warm fallopian tubes reach around your sore back as well!     BONUS!  
These uteri are so awesome, I even put microwaveable glass marble sized beads in each ovary.... they feel like they are full of ovum! Weird!

Then there are the strange things that customers have asked me to make.

  Some ask if I can alter things that I already have made... one guy asked me if I could take one of my cute owl pillows, give one a stump leg, pirate eye patch and a cigarette hanging out of it's beak! That was actually pretty rad.

Shortly after that order, around the Festivus holiday season, a customer inboxed me asking if I could whip him up a pan of scalloped potatoes....
I guess his sister (or sister in law?) has this almost phobia of scalloped potatoes...
The smell, the taste, and from what I hear even the simple mention of scalloped potatoes makes her quite literally gag! (I'm like that with eggs.....)
  So the plan was, when they were to get together for the evenings' Festivus feast, they were going to give her her "gag" gift!

   I had no idea how I was going to sew up some scalloped potatoes, no idea at all.... after brainstorming and looking through my fabrics, I ended up using the bottom of a gift box (to keep the shape of the pan), wrapping that with padding and fabric, and then cutting out countless different sized ovals and circles out of a tight wool batting and sewed each one on to a white sheet. From then I attached the "potato" covered sheet to the "pan" and VOILA! Scalloped potatoes!!
They are seriously amazing and look real dont they?!

   I hear that it has been taken over by her cats, they on the other hand LOVE scalloped potatoes and sleep on their new comfy bed all the time! So it is actually going to good use!

  I cant wait to share the request I'm working on now.... I cant expose what it is though as of yet.... it's a surprise gift for someone, and I cant let the cat out of the bag for now... but I will post it once the recipient gets her surprise gift! 

  All of my previous work can be seen on Tumblestone's Facebook page and I am always happy to do custom orders for anyone who asks!  

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