Friday, March 16, 2012

Grand Opening / 800 Fan Celebration Sale!!

Wow! I am super excited to find 800 Facebook fans on my Tumblestone Facebook page when I woke up a couple of days ago!  In celebration of this AND the fact that I have just opened Tumblestone's online StorEnvy shop, ALL jewelry, mosaic/mixed media art photo frames & mirrors are 25% off!  (If you purchase off of the actual Tumblestone online store, be sure to use the code DANDYGRANDY at checkout to get the 25% off!)
I already had this post here.... Below the last one! I dont know where it dissapeared to.. So I'm doing a short repost because I like the picture!

  Through my Tumblestone Facebook page, there are quite a few things that you cant find in the StorEnvy shop....
such as previously sold items, custom sewing jobs I have made for customers and MANY pillows ....
I make goofy ones, such as big moustache shaped to trendy and beautiful upcycled cable knit sweater pillows!
  I dont have them up for sale on StorEnvy, because I really am not sure about shipping charges yet. However, after seeing them, if you MUST have one (they are top sellers for me!), I will find out what the shipping charge would be for you and we can work something out that way!
I have shipped them before. Unfortunately Canada doesnt have flat rate like the US, so its not as easy to guesstimate shipping charges, especially for such an item such as pillows and stuffed animals and monsters!

  I am always up for custom orders as well, if there is something you want, or have in mind but you dont see it anywhere within the Tumblestone universe - just ask!!
I have made countless custom items and get custom orders all the time.
I love the strange requests I get.... it's fun! I'm so easygoing, I'm open to make anything that you have in mind if it is possible to make in my skill set!!

  So go check out that awesome Facebook page o' mine! There's also a link on the right upper side of the blog as well! Also - do you have a Facebook fan page for your business? Leave it here in the comments and I will go "like" yours in return!


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