Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Discover Spring! With two local Artisans - (That's Me!)

I'm super excited to announce that myself and
a fellow crafter are going to be hosting a small
event this coming Saturday, April 28th
at City Blends Coffee Shop
right here in Mission, BC!
10am - 4pm

We are going to have a tented booth with
tons of cash n' carry items and we will both be
taking custom orders as well!
(Have a look at my Facebook page
to see the items available at
the event)

 I will be unveiling
the super gorgeous
Summer 2012 Jewelry Collection
I am really excited about that!
A few days ago, I released 3 pieces online and
they were sold within 10 minutes!
All 3 and from 3 different people!
So that makes me happy and shows me that
this line is going to be successful - It's a good feeling.
Here are photos of the three
from the collection to give an idea of the style

One of my best friends from highschool,
Sabrina Blok from Sab's Creations
will be joining me and showing off her adorable
baby quilts - the photo is an example of one
of them. She loves to do special custom requests
as well!

Go Canucks Go Bebe Quilt
There are going to be 2 contests
to be won and the owner of City Blends is
graciously giving a discount to any of our
booth customers! With a purchase from either
Tumblestone or Sab's Creations, you get 50% off
your coffee or 25% off a specialty drink.
Thank you City Blends!!

We will be accepting Cash, there is a debit machine
super close by and I will also have my Ipad
with me. Since I have a Paypal merchant account
I can accept credit cards (through secure banking online)
and also Paypal funds.

I would love it if you came down, even just to
say hi and view my creations!
I hope to see you there!

Any tips on how to have a successful craft
show or other vending events?
This will be my first, so any advice or
do's & donts would be greatly


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) it turned out so well, that I almost sold out of my entire stock!! It was the one sunny day in the week so we were lucky there too! It was all around a great experience and I can't wait to do it again!

  2. having clear pricing on items helps, people are really very reluctant to ask how much something is or what it is for. HTH. have fun.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I made super fun price tags, I had groups of same priced items and used small antique photo frames as pricing signs. It worked out quite well! Unique and gave the display some extra character. I wish I took photos.... That's the only major thing I would change!