Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My first vending experience!


I was so surprised at the turn out for my first vending
experience. I was super lucky to have the
owner of a local coffee shop walk right up to me and ask if I 
would set up a booth on his shop's outdoor 
terrace - free of charge - he would even 
provide a tent!

I didnt have much notice, almost two weeks, 
and since the girl that I work with was off to 
Vegas on holidays, I was working 12 hr shifts the
entire week before hand. 
Those were some long days stocking up I must say
But was it ever worth it!

I really didnt know what to expect, I
was happy just to get my name out a 
bit more locally. I opened at 10am and by 11
I had sold 6 necklaces and 3 pillows!
I started to get worried that I would run out of stock...
but it went well, soooo many of my friends 
and fans came to support me, it was great! 

Since I didnt want to vend alone for my first shot,
I asked one of my high school besties 
from 15 years ago to join me.
I hadnt seen her since then but I dont
know another crafty soul! We had a blast together
catching up and she did well too, she
makes gorgeous baby quilts, receiving
blankets and cloth diapers. 
It was her 1st vend as well! She just started her 
Facebook fan page, you can show your support 

It was so busy the entire time that I am sad and
dissapointed to say that I didnt take pictures 
of the booth! *Facepalm!
I did get one shot of us IN the booth, you can kind
of see it!

I had so much fun and did so well
that I cant wait to do it again! 

I unveiled the rest of the Summer 2012 jewelry 
collection and I completely sold out! 
Here are a few:

So now that I am back home....
I need to restock! Ive hardly got anything left!


  1. That's a good experience! Have a nice day ;)

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to do it again :) I'm stocking up!!