Monday, June 18, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Partay!! A challenge awaits....

I'm all signed up for the
Bead Soup Blog Party and am super stoked about it!
Usually this party is done by lottery but this
time anyone is welcome to sign up, making
it a pretty large event!!
Sign ups are now over and the list is up -
a whopping 397 talented artists have signed
up for this super fun swap!
And 4 of them are Danas!! :)

If you dont know how it works, it goes like this:
Lori, from the blog Pretty Things will pair me up with 
someone. I'll go look through
my partner's blog, shop and/or facebook
to have a look at what type of jewelry style that she creates.
From that knowledge, I will try to challenge my partner by
sending her a bead soup of a completely different
style than her usual creations.
She will do the same for me, it's meant to challenge
each other to use different styles and techniques than
we are used to.

The bead soup needs to consist of:
A focal
Coordinating spacers or beads
and a special clasp that cant just be a plain lobster claw.

I'm super stoked! I have a couple of bead soups here
that Ive put together for my partner and depending
on what style she is, she may get one or the other,
or maybe even a mixture - we'll see!


  1. Hello Partner! I'm very much looking forward to it!
    Deb x

    1. Yay!
      Me too, super stoked!!
      I'm really happy that we are both fully open to anything without preferences :)
      This is already so much fun!!


  2. I'm signed up too and excited! BSBP is always so fun :)

    1. Lovely! It's my first one :D
      I love your creations by the way, you're wonderful!!