Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pumpin' out the Munkins!

A little while back I had a custom sewn order
that was heading to the UK.
It was for two lil' stuffies for 2 special lil' girls.
They wanted a bebe monkey head
and a unicorn. 
Here is the lovely photo they sent me to show
me that they had arrived safely to the UK:

What a lovely photo! Thanks girls!

I loved these creations so much that I decided for my booth
for the upcoming MissionFest I'm going to have these 
creatures available, I hope all of the children like them
and want one! 

I call the monkey "Munkin" and the
past few days in between packing to move Ive
been pumpin' out the Munkins!!
But this time.........
I'm using that super soft dimpled minky fabric.
Minky Munkin!!! Oh-so-soft!!

I'm hoping to make quite a few for the booth. 
Not sure if I will be able to get to the unicorns, but 
I will be taking 2 weeks off of work before the event
so I'm hoping to get as much as I want completed. 
Usually before a booth it's insane because Im working 8-12 hr 
days at the shop then sewing til 4am to do it over again
but this time I wont have to, it will be so nice!!!

I hope that you enjoy the Munkins!
Heres one more goofy shot for you....

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