Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Bed Soup ingredients arrived!!


I'm so stoked!!!
My Bead Soup ingredients have finally
arrived! It was a long trip from the UK to Canada.
I was starting to get a bit worried but figured,
I moved in to a new house 2 days ago
so I would'nt be able to touch them yet anyways.

What a pretty card she sent as well!
She did a great job at going out of my element,
Since I havent dove very far in to jewelry design
quite yet I havent worked with a lot, I have yet to make
a necklace that isnt hand blackened brass.

These ingredients are so yummy looking,
I have an idea or two swirling about but I'm
going to let them & my brain simmer a bit before I
decide exactly what I'm going to do.

My partner is Debbie Price and her
If you havent gone to check out her blog yet,
you're missing out!

As a recap in case you havent seen it,
here is the Soup ingredients that I sent her
to work with:

I am so excited to see what becomes of
these ingredients!!!

If you would like to peruse through
the other 398 participants in the
above is the link - be careful! It's quite addicting
going through looking at all of the amazingly
gorgeous Soups that people have sent to each other!
Also, over at the Bead Soup Cafe (Bead Soup's Facebook group)
there is a photo album with all of the
soups being uploaded as they arrive to their

My partner and I have the 1st reveal date,
which is Saturday, July 28th.
Come back then to see what becomes of these
pretty ingredients!


  1. Yay, I'm so glad it's arrived and you like it!
    Deb x

    1. I LOVE it!!
      Thank you so much :) I really like the focal and the clasp is so cool!!! The beads are so gorgeous too - woot woot!!