Thursday, July 12, 2012

My gift is sent!

Today I finally sent my 
I got an email from my lovely partner
Terry a few days ago apologising for her sending
the gift so late - little did she know
I hadnt sent mine yet either!
Tomorrow is moving day for me so I have so 
much going on but the sending out deadline isnt
until tomorrow so we are both safe!!

When I went to the post office, he told me if I 
sent it express it would be $1 cheaper, so that made me 
pretty excited since it has a guaranteed
delivery date of BY Tuesday!
I gave her the tracking # too so that if she gets as excited 
as I do when I have something coming, she can
go check out where it is :)

I hope she loves her gifts - I'm sure
she will.... I put a lil somethin' somethin' in there for
her from my day job....
I know - not handmade - but it's extra!

I can't wait to post photos of what I sent her
and to see what she made and sent for me!

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