Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bead Soup! - What I sent my partner

I am so stoked about the 

My partner, the lovely Debbie Price of
has received the yummy Bead Soup that
I sent her. I am oh so excited to see what she does
with it!! I chose to go with earthy tones, I
dont have much of a stash so I shopped for the 
soup just for her. These beads spoke to me
and wanted to make a new life on the other
side of the world in the UK!!

This is what I sent her:

I feel bad because just a couple of days ago
I realized that the grey clover bead didnt make it in 
with the rest! I am moving to a new home
this weekend and when I lifted up my drawer unit
it was hiding underneath - I guess he was afraid to fly!!

I am nervous because I still havent received my soup...
Not that I could play with it yet anyhow - everything 
is packed up and ready to move! 
I really do hope it comes Friday, then
I wont have to worry about it all weekend!!

I'm so excited to move - and have a studio double
the size! With its own sliding doors to the yard :)
I'm going to be more organized at the new place - I swear...

Anyways, I hope you all love the ingredients
that I chose for Debbie's Soup, I will post photos
of mine as soon as the ingredients arrive!

~~*Sending inspirational creative vibes to all my fellow Soupers*~~