Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sneak Peek....!

I have a super hard time keeping presents a secret,
Christmas time is bittersweet, having to
wait and not give recipients their gifts but it's oh so 
awesome when they finally get to open them!!

I thought that I would give you all
a sneak peek of the Bead Soup that I sent
to my wonderful partner Debbie Price of

I think it will help with the next to 
unbearable excitement about the whole 

So here they are! 
The beautiful beads and bobs that I chose for
Deb, I really hope that she loves them, after 
this is over and when I have the extra time, I would 
LOVE to work with all that I sent her. 
I dont have much of a stash at all to be honest, so I went
shopping and bought her exactly what I would have
chosen to work with myself. 

So without further adieu....

That was fun! 
Hahaha! A bit of a hint for you :)
I really hop that they get there soon, 
Canada to the UK....
I'm crossing my fingers & toes that they will
be in her mailbox even tomorrow!!!

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